Our services

Our services for retail and manufacturing

As I mentioned earlier, I focus on providing IT services for retail and manufacturing companies.

I help SMEs solve their IT issues. Throughout solving the problem, I act as project manager, I have experience communicating with both the users of the systems and the suppliers and I act as a sort of translator between these two groups. The project can be split into four phases and the whole process can take anywhere between a year and a half and three years. First, I personally visit the customer to talk to the management and find out what problem they are trying to solve by getting a new system. This is the “why” part and usually takes less than a week. Then I do a business walkthrough, I take notes on how everything is done in the company so that I can understand where the value is generated and how everything works. With this “how” part, I like to be very thorough, and this can take around 5-6 weeks. Then I spend two to three months selecting the system supplier based on the specifications I created together with the client during the first two steps. The third part ends with implementing the system into the client’s company. The final fourth part is bringing the system online. Together with the client we set up an environment for the system to develop, create a maintenance schedule, and make sure that the client knows how to keep the system up to date with the changing requirements of their company.

This service is most useful for SMEs without their own dedicated IT department. My typical customer is a company with 20 to 100 employees which has an annual turnover of around CZK 100m to 1 bn and conducts business in either retail or custom production manufacturing. For manufacturers, the most important functionality of the system is in construction, logistics, pre-fabrication, scheduling, and quality management. A typical issue I have dealt with for retail is creating the omnichannel – integrating the point-of-sales IT systems used in shops and e-shop applications with central product management, purchasing, logistic and accounting systems. This has especially been critical in recent times when physical stores acted more as pick-up locations for e-shops than as places to do the shopping.


Our services for IT vendors

Eva is a specialist in helping IT companies to launch their products and set up their presence at the Czech market. She provides complete partner and distribution channel management services. This includes partner and distribution recruitment, business development, channel marketing, joint sales activities and participation in special projects. Her primary responsibilities are channel health and sales growth. One of the main goals is to set up a long-term distribution strategy and to strengthen the relationships between the partners and IT vendor business units. During the process of business development, she helps the partner to create strategies for differentiation, market penetration, and revenue/ margin growth to be used as tools to achieve and surpass quotas. Examples of partners include certified resellers, system integrators and strategic partners. Eva has experience providing these services abroad as well (Slovakia, Baltic, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Israel).   


Our value propositions

We always do our best to work with the customer long-term to avoid a scenario when they would feel like being thrown into the water of the new IT system or market without knowing how to swim in it. We achieve this by scheduled steps which we take together with the clients. For our company, mutual trust is the most important thing. As a family firm we all work towards the same goal, we are not weighed down by the cumbersome machinery of a large corporate enterprise. That makes us special.