Presentation of the ITsomm@liers ltd company

ITsomm@liers is a family company which we founded together with my wife Eva. We both work in IT, I have 30 years of experience, Eva has been working in IT for 16 years.

We focus on the selection and implementation of IT solutions for medium-size enterprises, mainly in the custom manufacturing, services and sales industries.

We are able to provide our customers with the optimal IT solution for starting up a new business as well as for improving an existing one.

We have successfully completed a number of projects and we are more flexible than large IT providers.


What exactly is my role for our customers?

I act as a solution architect and project manager during the process of selection and implementation of the IT system.

I can focus fully on the task at hand, because I am not weighed down by the usual administrative operations of a large company.

We will start with consulting the management of the company, find out why they want to change the IT system and what would they like to achieve with this change.

Based on that, I will formulate a specification for the innovation of the system.

I will recommend an IT service provider, then I will advise the client during the service selection process and provide assistance with the associated paperwork.

Afterwards I will manage the project on the customer’s end – I will put together an internal team, which will work together with the IT service provider.

The final part of my work is the hand-over of the new system to the customer, this involves user training and setting up of a maintenance and system development process.


So why are we called ITsomm@liers?

Because just like with wine, in the world of IT, each customer has a different level and maturity of taste and therefore each customer has their unique needs.

Which is why we work hard to find a solution which is the correct match to the customer’s taste palette.

We want the customer to have a system which is not too cumbersome and expensive, but is tailored to providing the customer with exactly what they need.

As the old saying goes, there is truth in wine, and without truth there is no trust. For us, the trust and happiness of our customers is the most important thing.


Vladimír Dvořák